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Graduate Lease Information

Graduate Housing - Unfurnished Lease Property Waiting List Information and Application

Please read the "Lease Property and Waiting List Information".  After you have fully read this section, you may file your application online, go to , then select "My Housing" and "Grad Lease Application" only available with a Caltech UID and access.

Due to the high demand for Caltech-owned lease properties, a waiting list procedure has been established. There is only one list regardless of desired property type; four-bedrooms, three-bedrooms, two-bedrooms, one-bedrooms or studios. Applying for the waiting list does not guarantee housing to any of the applicants. Applications are processed on the date they are received by the Caltech Housing Office and the list is based solely by the date of application.  

Caltech-Owned Lease Properties

These properties are unfurnished, except for window coverings, carpeting, stove, and refrigerator and are leased on a month-to-month basis. Caltech pays for water, trash, gas and electricity. Residents will be charged back for their usage of gas and electricity. Residents are responsible for setting up telephone, television and internet services. The lease is limited to five years for students with children and two years for all others.

Student Status Requirements

The lease properties are rented only to registered Caltech graduate students.  Properties will not be rented to extended families, postdocs, or research fellows, etc. When a student graduates, terminates student status, or no longer is capable of fulfilling the minimum occupancy requirement, the student has 30 days to vacate the lease property, regardless if the lease period has terminated or not. New students who have accepted admission to Caltech may apply for a lease property before they officially register.

No Priority Groups

Priority of applications for Caltech-owned lease properties are based solely on date of application.

Change in Contact Information

If a student changes their contact information, the student must notify the Caltech Housing Office immediately. The Caltech Housing Office is not responsible for knowing the change in contact information of an applicant. If student is not reachable through the provided contact information, their application will be discarded.

Property Offers

Property offers are made according to open spaces. In order to house students more quickly, everyone on the wait list will be offered simultaneously and have approximately three business days to respond to the initial offer. Priority is based on the date of your application and the date you would be able to move in (start paying rent).  Offers will only be made to individuals and leases will be under one name. The lease holder will be solely responsible for paying rent and utilities and the Caltech Housing Office will not split charges amongst multiple residents.If you contact us to express interest in the unit, but it is awarded to an applicant ahead of you, or you decline the unit, you will be given another opportunity for our next availability. If you are offered a unit, you must provide us with a calendar date to start the lease (no more than 30 calendar days from the date of offer). Changes to this date must be made at least 14-days before the lease is scheduled to begin. If you inform us of a change to your lease date less than 14 days in advance, your lease will commence on the originally stated date. If you would like your name to be removed from the waiting list, please notify us immediately.

Passes on Property Offers

If a student has been offered a property and the student chooses to pass on the property offer, then the student maintains their current rank on the list. Students have unlimited passes, but passes must be submitted in writing via email.

Minimum & Maximum Occupancy Requirement

All units must be used to capacity. The minimum occupancy is one person per bedroom. The maximum occupancy is two people per bedroom.

Viewing the Waiting List

Students on the waiting list may find out their position on the waiting list with respect to their date of application by contacting the Caltech Housing Office directly. Students are not permitted to view the priority list in its entirety. The information on the waiting list is confidential.


Per the Caltech Pet Policy, no pets will be allowed. Please be aware that the Caltech Pet Policy does not include emotional support animals or service animals.  These animals must go through a different approval process through Caltech Accessibility Services for Students:

For more information on the Pet Policy click here

Fraudulent Information

The Lease Properties Waiting List is subject to the Caltech Honor Code, which states, "No member of the community shall take unfair advantage of any other member of the community."  If an applicant provides fraudulent information to the Caltech Housing Office, then the applicant will be reported to the Graduate Review Board (GRB) and other applicable parties.  Appropriate action will also be taken by the Caltech Housing Office to guarantee fairness for all applicants.


If you are currently in a Caltech Housing lease and would like to re-apply for the wait list, you may only submit another application when you have 90 days or fewer remaining in your current lease. In order to ensure that all graduate students have the opportunity to live in lease properties, first-time applicants will be placed above re-applicants on the waiting list, regardless of when the application is submitted.

For any additional information, please contact the Caltech Housing Office directly at (626) 395-6176 or