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Postdoc Housing Utility Charges

The Housing Office receives two types of bills that are billed back to your Bursar account.  We receive gas bills from the Southern California Gas Company on a monthly basis and electricity bills from the City of Pasadena every other month. We also receive bills from the City of Pasadena for trash and water but do not bill back as these are included in your rent.

All amounts due are entered into our database before the charges are sent to the Bursar's Office.  The billing cycles from the Gas Company and from the City of Pasadena may vary from month to month.  For example, the Gas Company billing cycle might run from January 22 to February 21, then February 22 to March 19.  While the number of days in the cycle may fluctuate (as do the actual days the bills close), you will never be billed twice for the same day. Additionally, not all bills are on the same billing cycle. One unit might be billed for gas during a certain period while another may not be billed until the following month. 

Each apartment has its own meter for gas and/or electricity usage and we always charge back the exact amount from the Gas Company and the City of Pasadena.  If a resident moves out in the middle of a billing cycle, the system prorates the utilities.

Due to the varying billing cycles and time it takes to receive, process and charge utility bills, you may see utility charges after moving out of Caltech Housing. For example, a resident who departs in December will still see utility charges on their February or March Bursar bill.

The Bursar's Office does not currently have the capacity to list the exact dates of all utilities used from your apartment in their system or on their statements.  Therefore, some generic utilities fee codes have been created.  Here are some examples:

H174     Utilities-Blanche-September

H175     Utilities-Blanche-October

Residents may request to view their utility bills at any time. The Housing Office is currently working with IMSS and the Bursar’s Office to modify the billing system and actual statements to accommodate actual billing dates from both utility companies.  Please contact the Housing Office at 626-395-6176 or with any further questions.