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UG Housing Summer Extension/Storage Form

Deadline to submit this form is August 13, 2017

Enrolled undergrads with a Fall housing assignment are eligible to continue in Caltech housing past August 27, 2017. Residents not currently in their fall housing assignment MUST move into their fall housing assignment as soon as it is available or no later than Monday, August 28, 2017.

*Important* - If you are using this form to indicate your storage/occupancy dates, please account for the entire period of August 28 - September 19, 2017. DO NOT leave gaps in those dates. There is a one-week minimum for storage/occupancy periods (you can't come and go on a daily basis). Also, please indicate your occupancy dates accurately, even if another department (like Athletics or Student Affairs) will be covering your housing charges. Extension charges will be processed in October along with any housing credits covered by other departments.

Storage of personal belongings in a resident's fall housing assignment is not guaranteed, but will be granted on a space available basis between August 28 and September 19, 2017.

Storage dates between August 28 and September 19, 2017 will not be charged for residents that had summer contracts ending on August 27, 2017. Any occupancy dates during this period will be charged at the regular summer term rates as follows:

On-Campus Undergraduate Houses:  $31.30/day
Off-Campus Undergraduate Houses:  $37.12/day
Avery Double/Triple:  $31.30/day
Avery Single/Suite Single:  $35.43/day
Marks/Braun Single:  $35.43/day
150 S. Chester Apartments:  $32.42/day
1170 E. Del Mar Studio Apartment:  $23.02/day
1170 E. Del Mar 1 Bedroom Apartment:  $33.47/day
1170 E. Del Mar 2 Bedroom Apartment:  $27.89/day